I will try not to bore you bragging about how good I am and how much you need my services. Instead will give you a glimpse into my life so that you’ll know who you’re talking to, if you choose to contact me.

Here we go…
I was born in Romania in 1981. As a single child, was spoiled just enough so that it didn’t show outside our house. My father was in charge of making a man out of me (genius if possible) while my mother was more interested in everything regarding art. Trying to please both of them… I became what I am today.
To keep the story short, after high school, I started University of Medicine, met my wife, fell in love, switched to graphic design (+ programming because I couldn’t stop myself), moved several times inside the country, gained ‘a few’ extra kilograms, and finally set foot in Ireland in 2011.
During this journey I made tons of mistakes, learned a lot, met wonderful people and overall enjoyed every moment.
I look forward to discovering what the future will look like, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to make it a little bit more user friendly.
See you soon :)

Fiew of the brands I had the pleasure to work with:


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